14 Strategies for Living Longer...and Better!

Are you starting to worry about whether your health is going to impact your ability to enjoy your retirement?

In this guide, I share 14 tips that will answer that nagging question, “How on earth am I supposed to stay healthy, at my age?”

14 Strategies for Living Longer and Better ebook cover

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Is it possible to get rid of our stress?

Stress! We all have it. Most of us tend to think that we are justified in our chronic worrying, in being anxious about an upcoming event, becoming fearful of a medical procedure, getting angry at a jerk at work, feeling overwhelmed by a medical diagnosis, or upset over a mistake (our own or someone else’s…). […]

Weight Loss and Exercise

Most people I meet, including my clients, pretty well always make a confidential confession, in a self-berating sort of way. When the topic of weight loss comes up, they make a number of similar claims. “If only I exercised more, I’d weigh less.” “I used to exercise regularly, and I weighed less then.” “I’m so […]

Where It All Begins… Creating New Habits and Breaking Old Ones

This first post is meant to introduce what I think may be the most important first step for all of us. I have in my files many other health and wellness-related topics that I think we need to educate ourselves on: food, stress management, hydration, exercise, and social connection, for starters. But I’d like you […]

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